Ross P. Skinner
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Nike x NBA Jersey Unveiling

We created 15 minutes of video for a live event with 3x 30 ft screens moving throughout the crowd to reveal the new Nike & NBA jerseys.

The Story:

To reveal Nike & NBA’s jersey partnership, they hosted a live event and invited press, bloggers & influencers. Willow Perron, envisioned an interactive set where 3x 30 ft screens moved throughout the space, revealing a stage and the jerseys. We had a VR Pre-Vis to help us understand the movement of the screens, and where we expected the viewer to focus at any given time. Then we made 15 minutes of video to fill the 3x screens.

The Credits:


Brian Faccini
Mark Rhodes
Michael Spoljaric
Jordi Point
Lydia Lauer
Jesse Canright
Noah Stanik
Elisabeth Stone
Riley Poor
Ross Skinner

Nike Edit:

Editors: Bill Limbocker & Dave Morgan
GFX: Joel Stewart
Colorist: Mark Ripper

Live Event Production: Willo Perron & Associates
Music: Mike Dean
VO: Kobe Bryant