Ross P. Skinner

Paint Lids

The Credits:

The Martin Agency:

CD: Vanessa Fortier
AD: Sarah Berkheimer
CW: Sara Kuhs
EP: Christina Cairo
Producer: Ross Skinner
Acct. Director: Carey Ely
Acct. Supervisor: Katherine Dorey
Project Manager: Lassiter Stone
Business Manager: Angela Payne
Talent Manager: Juanita McInteer


Director: Gerald Ding
3D Artists: Gabriel Pulecio & Sean Martin
Producer: Ryan Mack

Music: Duotone
Versioning & Finish: Running with Scissors
Mix: Mike O'Connor (Rainmaker Studios)


The Story:

This is the first campaign we did with Benjamin Moore, a company that is based on design, color and inspiration. We created 3x animations with Psyop using shot assets from our print production. We delivered them in 3x different languages and to more than 20 markets. All in all, we ended up with some beautiful and colorful spots, along with a producer's dream Excel sheet :)