Ross P. Skinner
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Prius Tribe

Prius works for people across the country, of all walks of life. So we showed just that.

The Story:

A Prius works for people of all walks of life, across all parts of the country. So naturally, this 6x day LA shoot went from downtown, to the deserts of Lancaster, all the way to the mountains around Lake Gregory in San Bernardino. If running around wasn’t enough, your script takes place in one day, so your schedule has to make sure each scene is shot in the right light, and all of your actions are choreographed to music too.  

The Credits:

Saatchi & Saatchi:

ECD: John Payne
ACD: Verner Soler
Sr. CW: Verena Bird
ACD: Brian Frost
EP: Jennifer Pearse
Producer: Ross Skinner
Acct. Director: Amanda Breaux
Acct. Supervisor: Carissa Kelley
Project Manager: Brett LaPlante
Music Supervisor: Kristen Hosack

Pulse Films:

Director: 32
DP: Autumn Durald
EP: Hillary Rogers
LP: Eric Brown


Editor: Marco Perez & Daniel Luna
EP: Michael Raimondi
Producer: Samantha Machado

Color: SHED
Music: Human
Finish: Union
Sound Design & Mix: Lime